"The Popular One"


Best friends with Mimi at primary school, Carmen has always been the extroverted one in any group. She knew she was destined for the stage from an early age and has a small part on a long running TV soap. This gives her the freedom to throw herself into new theatre and cross-genre projects where she thrives on the thrill on live performance up close and personal with an audience. She has always been the instigator of romantic relationships, which usually only last a few months (at most a year) before she gets bored and moves on, kindly but firmly.

Underneath this brash and life-at-full-tilt exterior, Carmen does yearn for something or someone to ground her. She met Escamillo, the MMA You Tube Star, at a gallery opening event they both attended as D-list celebrities, just before the pandemic hit. He is different from the kind of person she normally dates. In the past she’s been wary of these Alpha types – great for a bit of fun but definitely not boyfriend material. However, she and Escamillo saw quite a bit of each other then, when the pandemic hit, kept in contact and spent more time talking over Zoom than they would have in real life. They weren’t serious or officially dating but lockdown meant there wasn’t much else going on either! They’ve been enjoying spending time together again now, but are their two big personalities starting to clash….?

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