Mozart's Don Giovanni

A chamber production for eight singers and piano


Set during Fashion Week in present day Milan, Rogue Opera’s Don Giovanni follows the famous lothario - head of the brand ‘Don G’ - as he uses his power, status and wealth to charm, seduce and deceive. His assistant, Leporello, reluctantly aids his boss’s debauchery, while being increasingly drawn into this world of celebrity. Donna Anna seeks justice... Donna Elvira hopes for reform... but will Don Giovanni truly be punished for his crimes?

In Mozart and Da Ponte’s original 18th century setting, Don Giovanni’s privilege, wealth and status enable much of his behaviour. Presenting the story against a modern backdrop of fame, popularity and hashtags, Rogue Opera brings the intricacy and power of Mozart’s music to life in an engaging and intimate production. The production examines the themes of power, attraction and seduction and explores what morality, judgement and retribution look like in today’s world.

With a cast of 8 professional singers and piano; Music Direction by Guy Murgatroyd; Choreography and Direction by Michelle Buckley and Bronwen Stephens-Harding.

What our audience is saying


“A Don Giovanni which has to be seen.”

“Wonderful voices and expression… Inventive costumes and scenery with a fashion week modern update.”

“An excellent performance… very good choreography… an exciting performance and well worth seeing.”

“An excellent production of a well-loved opera… Rogue Opera are certainly a company to follow.”

“Donna Anna, Elvira and Zerlina, the tragic-comic victims of Giovanni’s insatiable lust for conquest, were superb, terrific opera.”

“Perfect accompaniment by Guy Murgatroyd… he was brilliant throughout.”

“A triumph… excellent! Eight singers pulling together a big opera with great confidence.”

Scenes from the production

All production, cast and rehearsal photos are courtesy of Cristina Schek.

Cristina photographed Don Giovanni during the 2019 season.

Don Giovanni Showreel

2019 Cast

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