A Tale of Love, Life and Relationships . . .

Follow our Awesome Foursome as they navigate their way through the highs and lows of their love lives and relationships, channelling of some of opera's most famous music and characters.

Mimi - "The Good Girl"



Mimi is a beautician who started an Etsy shop during lockdown to sell her hand-crafted material flowers and other creations. She and Carmen have been friends since primary school, but in high school, Carmen started hanging more with the popular crowd and they drifted apart…

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Best friends with Mimi at primary school, Carmen has always been the extroverted one in any group. She knew she was destined for the stage from an early age. She met Escamillo, the MMA You Tube Star, at a gallery opening event just before the pandemic hit…

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Cast Photo_Lawrie



Rodolfo is a poet and singer-songwriter, a deep thinker and a sensitive soul. He has found the pandemic and lockdown incredibly hard, emotionally and creatively. At high school, Rodolfo had a crush on Carmen for a long time, but she hardly even noticed him.

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Cast Photo_Young



Born to Spanish parents, Escamillo has always had a fascination with the Toreador culture. He’s found the equivalent thrill-of-combat in MMA. He has had a few serious relationships but as his celebrity grows he finds it harder to meet the right person…

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Facing betrayals in friendship and love, they'll question themselves, their characters and their destinies – each embarking on a quest to change themselves to find true love. Or maybe they’ll realise that happiness comes from the simple things – good food, good wine* and good company (in a pub garden) . . . 

For full Opera Drama, most of the songs are sung in the original language – if you'd like to know more, click on links below!

First Half
- We meet the Awesome Foursome but things soon turn sour -

Second Half
- Straying eyes, jealously, soul-searching...
where will it all end? -

Thank you for coming with us on this Rogue Opera journey through some of opera's best arias, duets and ensembles. If you haven't had a chance to see the fantastic stories these pieces are borrowed from, we hope your interest is piqued to explore further!

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