21. "Lippen schweigen"

Our lips are silent

A beautiful waltz, with very schmalzy lyrics which almost defy translation. A reawakening love is finally expressed as Hanna and Danilo dance together.

My lips are silent,
but the music whispers:
love me.
Each step asks please,
please, love me.
Every touch tells me clearly,
It’s true, it’s true,
you love me!

My feet are dancing,
My soul is dancing.
My heart is leaping,
Beating, pounding:
Be mine, be mine.
I haven’t said a word,
But it’s clear for you to hear:
I love you so,
I love you!


The Merry Widow by Franz Lehár is set in Paris in about 1900. The tiny state of Pontevedro is bankrupt. Their only hope of financial salvation lies in Hanna, a beautiful widow who inherited her husband's fortune. The Pontevedrians must convince her to marry a local, lest she take her fortune to foreign shores.

But she's got a history with the man they've got in mind, and there are many twists and turns on the road to falling in love again...

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