"Flower Duet"

Sous le dôme épais
Under the dome of flowers...

Under the thick dome where the white jasmine
With the roses entwined together
On the river bank covered with flowers laughing in the morning
Let us descend together!

Gently floating on its charming risings,
On the river’s current
On the shining waves,
One hand reaches,
Reaches for the bank,
Where the spring sleeps,
And the bird, the bird sings.

Under the thick dome where the white jasmine
Ah! calling us, together!

But, an eerie feeling of distress
overcomes me.
When my father goes into their accursed city
I tremble, I tremble with fright!

In order for him to be protected by Ganesh
To the pond where joyfully play
The snow-winged swans
Let us pick blue lotuses.

Yes, near the swans with wings of snow,
And pick blue lotuses.

Under the thick dome where the white jasmine
With the roses entwined... 

Composed by Léo Delibes, "Sous le dôme épais" is sung by Lakmé and Mallika in the first act of the opera, Lakmé. The Brahmin high priest, Nilakantha, has been forbidden to practise his religion when British forces arrive in the city. Secretly, he leads a group of people back the temple to worship. Nilakantha's daughter, Lakmé, stays behind with her servant, Mallika, gathering flowers to prepare for a bath in the river. As they remove their jewels and clothing, the women sing their Flower Duet, describing the white jasmine, roses, and other flowers that adorn the riverbanks.

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