"O soave fanciulla"

O sweet maiden


Oh! sweet girl! Oh, sweetest face
Gently bathed in moonlight!
In you I see the dream
I'll always wish to dream!

Deep in my soul trembles extreme delight, Kisses thrill with love!

Be mine!

You’re sending me away already?

Say it!

What? Mimi!
It would be so much sweeter to stay .
It's freezing outside

And when we return?

Take my arm, my dear little one.

Tell me you love me!

Love! Love! Love!




Oh, you alone rule us, love!
Oh how gently his sweet words overwhelm my heart

No, I beg you!

Your friends are waiting

I’d like to say... but I dare not

What if I went with you?

I'll stay close to you!

You’d like to know!

I’ll oblige, kind sir!

I love you.
Love! Love! Love!

Puccini's La Bohème (The Bohemians) is set in the Latin Quarter of Paris in the 1840s – Rodolfo is a poet, who lives with his artist friends including the painter, Marcello. They live hand to mouth, striving to make ends meet. Rodolfo has fallen in love a neighbour, Mimi, a quiet girl who works as an embroiderer. They met when Mimi came to borrow a candle. Marcello has an on again, off again relationship with the flighty Musetta.

By the opera’s end, both Rodolfo and Marcello are separated from their lovers but their thoughts still dwell on Mimi and Musetta and the love they have lost.

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