"Zitti, zitti"

Softly, softly

In this trio, the Count and Figaro have sneaked into her guardian's house to see Rosina, for the Count to finally reveal his true identity to her, and ask her to be his Countess. They hear people approaching and seek a way to escape.

What can we do?
Softly, softly, piano, piano,
Let’s make no noise.
There’s the ladder from the balcony,
Quickly, let’s get away.

A spirited young woman, a Count in love and a barber with a trick or two to help them.
Giaochino Rossini’s comic masterpiece The Barber of Seville is a delightful tale of the path to true love, by way of catchy tunes, comic disguises and an ingenious plan.
Rosina is locked up by her lecherous old guardian, Dr Bartolo, who wants to marry his ward, but she resolves to outwit him. Count Almaviva, in disguise as a student poet, Lindoro, seeks true love, rather than someone who wants him for his status.  Figaro, the local “Mr Fixit”, promises to help both Rosina and The Count find true happiness together.

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