"Qui noi t'aspettiam"

We are waiting for you here

We are waiting for you here, traitor!
Do not expect pity from us!
Whoever is deaf to love in life
Will not be forgiven in death.
Traitor! We are waiting for you!
Run! Leap!
We are waiting for you, traitor!
We are waiting for you here, traitor!

Anna! Have mercy!

You are mine! [Roberto dies.]

Hosanna! Hosanna!

Le Villi by Giacomo Puccini

Act 1 opens with the celebration of Roberto and Anna’s betrothal. Prior to their wedding, Roberto must depart on business, but reassures Anna he will never forget her and will return to her. However, he is seduced by a siren and, after waiting for him through the summer and autumn, Anna dies of despair as winter sets in.
According to the legend of the Villi (fairies or spirits), when a woman dies of a broken heart, they force the man who has betrayed her to dance until he dies.
Anna’s father, Guglielmo, calls on the Villi to take revenge on Roberto. They conjure up Anna’s ghost and lure Roberto into the forest, cursing him for his betrayal. Anna tells him how she has suffered and refuses to forgive him, joining with the Villi to condemn him and force him to dance to his death.

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