"Una voce poco fa

The voice I just heard . . .

The voice I just heard
resonated in my heart
my heart has been pierced
and it was Lindoro who threw the dart.

Yes, Lindoro will be mine
I’ve sworn I’ll win the day.

My guardian won’t consent,
but I’ll outwit him.
Finally he’ll come round,
and I’ll be happy at last.

Yes, Lindoro will be mine
I’ve sworn it.

I’m biddable, I’m respectful
I’m obedient, sweet and loving
I can be ruled, I can be guided.

But if I’m thwarted in love
I can be a viper
and I’ll play a hundred tricks
to get my way.

The Barber of Seville is one of Gioachino Rossini's best known works. The original Beaumarchais play on which it's based was considered revolutionary in giving a servant agency in the world and lives of his 'betters'.
Figaro, the barber, comes to the aid of Count Almaviva (disguised as a poor student, Lindoro) to help him win the hand and heart of the young and beautiful Rosina. Rosina's guardian, Doctor Bartolo, has designs on his ward, but is thwarted by Figaro's machinations and Rosina's quick-witted tricks.

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