A Rogue Opera CABARET


A Rogue Opera ORIGINAL Production

Friendship... Betrayal... Intrigue... Love... Laughter... Mischief...!

With a new original script in English, Rogue Opera presents the best (and worst) characters in opera alongside the big tunes, the tear-jerkers, the crowd-pleasers and, of course, the drinking songs! From the classics, to the greatest hits you didn’t know you knew, to our favourite hidden gems, you’ll be introduced to some of opera’s (in)famous heroes, villains, lovers, jokers and martyrs and losers.

Opera is all about larger-than-life charactrs embroiled in high drama - and the artists can be pretty diva-like too! Rogue Opera's ensemble cast - "The Soprano", "The Mezzo", "The Tenor", "The Baritone" and "The Guy on the Piano" - will take you on a journey through their favourtie opera personas in their efforts to prove that they are the real hero of the show!

Meet our artists

Beatrice Floyer-Acland
"The Soprano"
Bronwen Stephens-Harding, Mezzo-Soprano
Bronwen Stephens-Harding
"The Mezzo"
Maximilian Lawrie
"The Tenor"
Thomas Nießer
"The Baritone"
Guy Murgatroyd, Pianist
Guy Murgatroyd

"The Guy on the Piano"

And our stage crew – we couldn't do it without them!

Tour Manager

Movement Director and Dramaturge

For full Opera Drama, most of the songs are sung in the original language – if you'd like to know more, scroll down and click on the links below for translations and information about the original operas

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- Second Half -

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Thank you for coming with us on this Rogue Opera journey through some of opera's best arias, duets and ensembles. If you haven't had a chance to see the fantastic operas these pieces are borrowed from, we hope your interest is piqued to explore further!

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