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2018 Bizet's Carmen

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It is great to see a dedicated group of singers tackle such a well known opera and bring something new and exciting to the performance. The concept was captivating and the intimate format made the show especially enjoyable. Also great to be able to meet the cast and talk to them about the show.

I hadn’t heard of Rogue Opera before last night. Boy! was I missing out. I was a bit sceptical about a production of Carmen with a cast of six ... It really worked. It was gorgeous. Great performances from the cast.

It’s only a brave individual who will even attempt to stage Carmen, knowing that the expectations will be very high. However, this show has all the ingredients of being one of this year’s smash hits!! It’s a night to remember.... I love everything about this show. Absolutely brilliant!

Excellent, really powerful and totally engaging because of the quality of singing and acting and piano all working together so well with audience so close; I felt a part of it rather than just an observer. And it was affordable! Spoke to others there I knew and they felt the same.

Congratulations to Rogue Opera for producing such a good show of Carmen. Mesmerising performance by all the actors. They bring the play to life. A thoroughly enjoyable show.

Acting can sometimes be an issue in Opera but this was well acted and convincing. The singing was lovely and with a few props they evoked the atmosphere of gypsy camp fire and bullring. Thoroughly enjoyed it and had a good cry!

2018 Mozart's Don Giovanni

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