"The Quiet One"

Cast Photo_Lawrie

Rodolfo is a poet and singer-songwriter, a deep thinker and a sensitive soul. He has found the pandemic and lockdown incredibly hard, emotionally and creatively. He has always struggled with the dichotomy of creative endeavour versus commercial work. He’s had various contracts as a copywriter but has never committed to that as a full time job, not wanting to stifle his creative options. A tough world became even harder during the lockdown and, unlike some of his friends, who seemed able to churn out content online and even find ways to capitalise on it, Rodolfo shut down almost completely. Mimi has always had the stable income and over the pandemic has supported them both almost entirely.

At high school, Rodolfo had a crush on Carmen for a long time, but she hardly even noticed him. When he and Mimi got together at 16, he felt he had found his soul mate, but sometimes he wonders what life would be like with Carmen, or with someone who was less accommodating than Mimi.

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