"Dein ist mein ganzes Herz"

My whole heart is yours

My whole heart is yours
Where you are not, I cannot be.
Just like a flower fades
If it's not kissed by sunshine!
Yours is my loveliest song
Because it blossoms from love alone.
Tell me once more, my only love,
Oh, tell me once more:
"I love you!"

Wherever I go, I feel you near.
I want to drink your breath
And fall praying before you,
you alone! How wonderful
Is your gleaming hair!
Beautiful as a dream and full of longing
Is the bright glance of your eyes.
When I hear your voice
It sounds like music to me.

Das Land des Lächelns is an operetta by Austrian composer, Franz Léhar, written in 1929, but set in Vienna and Beijing before the First World War.

Dismissing her many local admirers, a Viennese Countess, Lisa, has found true love with a Chinese prince, Sou-Chong, and goes with him to China as his wife. Custom there dictates that he must marry four Chinese wives. For Sou-Chong, this does not alter his deep love for Lisa, but she cannot accept the situation and wishes to return home. Initially, Sou-Chong tries to keep her with him, despite her unhappiness, but finally allows her to leave. Left alone, he will put on a brave front in the Land of Smiles.

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