"The Good Girl"

Mimi - "The Good Girl"

Mimi is a beautician who started an Etsy shop during lockdown to sell her hand-crafted material flowers and other creations. She grew up in Hampshire in a small town and went to school with Rodolfo and Carmen. She and Carmen have been friends since primary school, but in high school, Carmen started hanging more with the popular crowd and they drifted apart. They stayed in touch sporadically but really reconnected over Zoom during the pandemic.

Mimi has always enjoyed her job as a beautician, it earned her good money and allowed her some creative outlet. The pandemic gave her the silver lining of finally having the time to start her Etsy shop and she has grown in confidence from this success.

Always the good, quiet girl, she has started to reflect on what life might be like if she were more outgoing and confident and broke away from the good girl mould. However,  part of this might mean breaking up with Rodolfo, her high-school sweetheart. He is kind, attentive and romantic, but over the last few years things between them have settled more into a routine going through the motions. Several other long-term couples they know had lockdown babies – taking advantage of the enforced slow down of life – but neither of them have broached the subject, and Mimi senses that Rodolfo was relieved that weddings are impossible to plan right now – pushing that possibility even further into the future.

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