1. "The Anvil Chorus"

Le fosche notturne spoglie
Look, a new day is dawning!

Look! See how the darkness of night is lifting
and revealing the great vault of heaven;
The Dawn seems like a widow who is finally casting off
the dark clothes in which she was cloaked.

To work! To work!
Ready, hammer!
Who cheers up end of a gypsy’s days?
A gypsy girl!

Pour me a drink; body and soul draw strength
and courage from drink
Oh look, look! A sun’s ray shines brighter in
my/your glass!

To work! To work!
Ready, hammer
Who cheers up a gypsy’s days?
A gypsy girl!

This very catchy number is from Il Trovatore by Guiseppe Verdi, an Italian composer who wrote some of the great opera of the 1800s. In amongst the dark storyline of witch hunts, baby snatching and worse, The Anvil Chorus is an uplifting moment of celebration amongst the Zingaras – the Gypsies – who anticipate their reward after a long day's work – drink and dancing and friendship!

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