Please support us by donating to our Artists' Fund. Your generosity enables us to provide ongoing work for our singers and creative team in these difficult and uncertain times.
Donations also help us create online performances for our audiences wherever they may be, a new element in our outreach program.

Become part of an exciting new project, helping opera reach a modern audience, with a front-row seat right at your fingertips.

It’s not an understatement to say that COVID-19 has been a monumental shake-up for those of us working as performers. Our usual audiences are required to remain home for the foreseeable future, but this doesn’t mean our work has to go on hold. There are so many tales to be told through the medium of opera.

Being in lockdown doesn’t stop you from diving into a whole new world, and thanks to the latest technology, we can deliver breath-taking performances which are available right at your fingertips.


What we do

Rogue Opera passionately believes in providing immersive storytelling. There’s a good chance many of us will be looking for some form of escapism, especially at a time when we’re all confined to the four walls of our homes.

Opera is typically performed in a number of foreign languages, making it an artform that some might find slightly difficult to follow at first, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be learnt from it. Rogue Opera takes this old artform and gives it new life.

We take the best of this medium and present it to audiences, in a way that appeals to people both young and old. There’s something in it for everyone, and we’re always looking for people to help us change the way people think about opera.

Our Rogue Opera VIP Pass online platform gives access to opera online, so all you need is a steady internet connection and an open mind to watch our shows.

Explore our VIP Pass or give a membership as a gift.


Our COVID-19 Artists’ Fund

COVID-19 is posing a great challenge to many people who are employed as performers, as many of them are self-employed, and unable to receive support from the Government until June 2020. We have set up a special COVID-19 Artists’ Fund to support the incredible work of our singers and musicians.

 If you are a lover of opera, or any kind of live performance, and would like to help us fund future projects in our new online livestream galas, we would strongly encourage you to donate to our Fund today.

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