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Passionate about bringing top-class opera productions to diverse spaces and communities, Rogue Opera creates intimate touring productions for new venues and audiences, offering a different experience of classic opera.


Rogue Opera specialises in out-of-theatre productions with a strong focus on acting and movement. Singers are required to be versatile and accustomed to presenting a variety of repertoire.

All work is paid in line with Musician Union rates (£170+ per performance) and travel and accommodation for out of London performances is always covered. Rehearsal periods are short and intensive and paid at a minimum of £12/hour (excluding break time).

PLEASE NOTE: We only work with people with a permanent base in the UK and existing work visas. We cannot sponsor work visas or cover relocation costs.

To register your interest for our 2024-2025 projects, please complete our Singer Registration Form.


Rogue Opera is interested in hearing from freelance assistant directors, choreographers, stage managers and arts administrators.

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Crew work for tours or one off events involves maximum 12 hour days, paid at a minimum of £130 / day, with duties including get-ins/out of piano and steel deck staging, simple stage crew duties (prop setting/interval resetting), driving the company van. Rogue Opera is also interested to hear from live sound audio crew.

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