Meet our Creative Team


Bronwen Stephens-Harding


At the age of eight, Bronwen declared her wish to be an opera singer. After a varied career, combining corporate marketing with busking, choral singing, opera performance and singing studies, she is now pursuing her dream full-time. In 2018, Bronwen founded Rogue Opera with a vision of bringing opera to new audiences and unconventional spaces. As well as singing the title role in Rogue Opera’s inaugural season of Bizet’s Carmen, Bronwen directed the production and saw it performed in a variety of venues.
Working with a dedicated troupe of musicians and seeing her concepts come to life on the stage have been a high point in her musical career, which continued with the company’s second season, presenting a vibrant, contemporary reimagining of Don Giovanni in 2019.
The challenges presented by Covid-19 in 2020 have taken Bronwen into new ventures, working to create online performances and provide creative work for Rogue Opera artists at a time when other opportunities have been shut down.


Guy Murgatroyd


British pianist Guy enjoys a modest reputation as one of a leading generation of pianists pliable to many musical roles. Having worked with diverse musicians, including Leslie Howard, Elly Ameling and Andrew Lloyd Webber, along with contemporary composers including Rolf Hind, Edward Rushton and Nikolai Kapustin, Guy is no stranger to most corners of the repertoire. He had a scholarship at Birmingham Conservatoire in 2012 and recently completed postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Guy is also the founder and director of the London Art Song Collective which aims to further the performance of 20th century art song, an undervalued and untapped repertoire. The collective features over 50 singers, hand-chosen for various projects spannning over 450 composers and 25 languages. Having assisted with Carmen in 2018, Guy took over full musical direction in 2019 and continues to contribute to the 2020 online program and future planning for Rogue Opera .


Michelle Buckley


Michelle is an American dancer who has performed in the UK and abroad. She has worked with Julia Gleich of Gleich Dances in London and New York, in leading roles in Speak Easy Secrets and Martha: The Searchers. As an original cast member in the Sisters Grimm Voices of the Amazon, Michelle toured Moscow, Singapore and Sadler’s Wells and has continued dancing for Symeon Kyriakopoulos who fuses ballet with wushu martial arts. She has choreographed Jonathan Kaufman’s new play, Eye of Day: The Mata Hari Story for Spontaneous Productions. Michelle has film credits, costume commissions, singing and modelling experience.
2019 was Michelle’s second season with Rogue Opera as Movement Director, having choreographed and performed as The Spirit (dancer) in Carmen. This year she continues as part of the Rogue Opera creative team, helping shape the new online offerings.


Jasmine Adrian-Dawson


Jasmine is a London based mezzo-soprano, performing around the UK and Europe for the past fourteen years. Her interest in theatre extends beyond singing, with experience in set design and painting.
Before taking up music she majored in life drawing at St Martin’s College of Arts and has also worked as a freelance fine artist. Another keen interest is teaching. Jasmine has been a private vocal tutor, working in various music schools and abroad. She immensely enjoys helping others with their musical education.
She joined Rogue Opera in 2018 and has sung a variety of roles in the company's production of Carmen, including the title role. Jasmine was Assistant Director for the 2019 production of Don Giovanni and continues her contribution as a member of the 2020 creative team, exploring and and creating new online opportunities for the company.

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